Note: Events and times are subject to change

Program & Map

Bay Area Bicycle Law Main Stage

(Schedule is subject to change)
11:00 am – Bike East Bay Executive Director Ginger Jui and Katie Styer (MC) kick off Pedalfest
11:30 am – Pedalfest kick off with Bicycle Stunt Show
12:15 pm – Circus on UniCycle by Robin Lara
12:30 pm – Amphibious Bike Race kicks off
1:30 pm – Kids’ Bike Parade by the Original Scraper Bike Team
2:00  pm – Bicycle Stunt Show
2:30 pm – Unicycle Stunt Show
3:15 pm – Scraper Bike Show
3:30 pm – Amphibious Bike Race Awards Ceremony
4:00 pm – Bicycle Stunt Show
5:00 pm – Bike Sumo on Ford GoBikes


Rock the Bike Pedal-Powered Stage

Hop on a stationary bike and pedal to generate power for Rock the Bike’s off-grid sound stage!
Stage lineup:

Hosted by: Justin Ancheta (JAB) & Seneca (Earth Amplified)


Drake’s Brewing Lounge Area | Near Rock the Bike Stage on Webster St.

Kick back under the palm trees and enjoy a cold one! All proceeds from Drake’s Brewing will support Bike East Bay. Beer booths are located on Broadway, Franklin, and Webster plazas.


Amphibious Bike Race | 12:30PM at the Main Stage on Broadway

Watch a spectacular display of land- and sea-worthy bikes as they pedal through Jack London Square and into the Oakland Estuary. The race launches at the Main Stage at 12:30pm.


Perfection On Wheels BMX Stunt Team | 11AM, 1PM, 3PM, and 5PM at 55 Harrison

Enjoy BMX spectacles by Perfection On Wheels’ BMX Stunt Team in front of 55 Harrison.
Show Time: 11AM, 1PM, 3PM, and 5PM

Perfection On Wheels video






Kids Bike Decoration Station: All Day, Broadway Plaza

Kids Bicycle Parade: 1:30PM at the Main Stage on Broadway

Be a part of the Kids Bicycle Parade and help kick-off Pedalfest 2018! Walk Oakland Bike Oakland and the Original Scraper Bike Team will be hosting an awesome decorating station where kids can deck out their bikes with spoke cards, streamers, stickers, and more! Join the decoration station at 11 am near the main stage at Broadway and Water St. The parade will cruise through Jack London Square at 1:30 pm.


Theft Prevention Photo Booth | All Day, Broadway Entrance

This fun and informative photo booth will raise awareness for bicycle theft and supply owners with the tools to file a police report in the event their bike is stolen. Cyclists will take a photo of their bicycle and then receive their serial number. Register your bike!




Bicycle Stunt Shows | 11:30AM, 2PM, and 4PM

Professional stunt riders Zak Maeda and Casey Holm will wow crowds with exciting, two-wheeled stunts showcasing bicycle balancing and agility on obstacles!

Casey’s video

Zak’s video 





Whymcycles | All Day, Franklin St. Plaza

Builder Peter Wagner brings his cycling creations to Pedalfest! From penny-farthing high wheelers to miniature hand cycles, he has spent years creating an eclectic collection of handmade bicycles built from recycled carparts, trampolines, old bicycles and more!


Kids Bicycle Rodeo | Afternoon, 55 Harrison

A team of youth cycling instructors will lead a fun-filled bicycle rodeo for children at 12-3pm including a bike safety course, skills building lessons and bicycle safety instructions. Bikes and helmets will be provided to participating children, grades 3-6.


Learn to Unicycle! | All Day, Franklin St. Plaza

Local riders will perform unicycle stunts on the main stage and teach you how to balance on one wheel at their learn-to-ride station.


Oakland Public Library Bike Library | All Day, Broadway Plaza

The city’s bike powered bookmobile pulls into Pedalfest with cascading bookshelves! Check out their new zine lending library, BOZO (Bike of Zines, Oakland), and contribute a page to a collaborative zine commemorating Pedalfest. Get signed up for a library card, a copy of their summer reading lists, and score some awesome swag.


Electric Bike Test Track | All Day, Broadway Entrance

Curious about electric bikes? Visit our E-Bike Test Track, presented by Trek Bicycles of Berkeley, and take a spin! Visit with manufacturers’ reps, see the latest in bike tech and ride a variety of e-bikes, including electric cargo bikes. Find the E-Bike Test Track at the corner of Broadway and Embarcadero. Riders must be 18 years of age.